Good Gravy

Hello wild ones! Well I messed up kids, messed up bad. I didn’t post on Friday and I didn’t realize it until last night! My internal clock is all sorts of screwed up.

In my defense, Friday was a crazy night. My sister and I had plans to pick up a captains bed we were buying for our brother, those plans morphed into an impromptu shopping trip with said brother at Target. My sister and I should not be allowed in Target together, we spent waaaay too much time there and waaaaaaaaaay too much money.

The trip took a turn when we headed to dinner only to realize that Dani had lost her wallet. We spent an hour searching for it, cursing humanity because why do people have to be so freaking shitty? After an hour, some tears, mounting frustration and a few phone calls the search was called off and we headed to comfort ourselves with some delicious food. Apparently the universe heard our call and decided to show us that not all humans are garbage, a woman had found her wallet and contacted her through Facebook! She was even nice enough to bring it to where we were. How great is that?! So while the night had taken a turn for the worse it ended on a good note…except for the fact that in all the drama I forgot to post on my blog.

Ugh, anyway, so I suck, the world doesn’t suck that bad, but I do. Okay, so then the weekend rolled through and screwed me up further. I didn’t even get my planner layout finished for this week. I feel like I didn’t get anything done this weekend at all. My mom has kind of unofficially already moved in, so we spent the weekend cleaning. She cleaned during the day while I slept and I cleaned and organized (because organization is not her strong suit) over night. The only thing I have to show for this weekend is that my garage is significantly cleaner than it was before. I started reorganizing and cleaning out my craft stash Saturday night, which is how we got started on the cleaning kick. My craft stash was looking good yesterday, but then mom started stacking stuff on my little stations that still need to be organized, so there is still more to do. It’s like the never ending mess.

I’m going to work on my planner layout as soon as I get this posted, so I should still have pictures up on Instagram before midnight, but as of right now I don’t have planner photos to show you. Sorry. Again, I suck.

As far as goals go…bleh, I’m just gonna try to suck less. I want to get my kitchen cleaned up and organized. I need to get my laundry table project done. My bedroom needs some some work, but all of that is gonna kind of take the back burner because my little baby is moving this weekend!!!!

My brother is moving on Friday, so I’ve got to help him get all packed up this week. Friday I’ll be helping him move into his new place, though of course I had to talk him into letting me because he thought maybe a 20 year old dude moving in with his sister’s help would be lame. I nearly cried. After a little pouting, some heavy guilt, and a few stray tears he relented that I could help. I’m not 100% sure I’m gonna make it through the entire thing without breaking down into an emotional mess.

Because I’ll be up in San Marcos helping him move I’ve made plans to have dinner with Brittny, so that should be fun. Hopefully that little nugget of info will keep me from becoming a huge mess…probably not, but a girl can hope.

Alright kids, I’m gonna get to work on my planner because there are a few other things I wanna get done tonight.

Make sure you’re following me on Instagram, so you can see the planner pictures once they’re done. Check out my Goodreads profile to see what I’m reading this week. Also, if you’ve got snapchat find me @crazydame90 to check out my crazy antics.


Until later, stay wonderfully wild!



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