Soooo Good it Should be Illegal

Hello wild ones! I hope this week is treating you well thus far. This week on Hump Day Book Review we are going to be talking about Illegal Contact by Santino Hassell, please be warned that I wrote the following review straight after reading it, so I was still on a book high. I might still be on a bit of a high from this one, anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Illegal Contact (The Barons) by [Hassell, Santino]


OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! Guys, I loved this damn book. LOVE!! LOVE!! LOVE!!! It blew the damn Hump Day Review rating system clean out of the water!

I’m on a serious book high right now. This review is actually being written 8/18/2017 @ 1:10 am, I know I didn’t even tell you I was going to read this book until last week, but when I realized that it had been released I just could not resist purchasin it. Didn’t even read the sample like I usually do before making a purchase these days. I snapped that bitch right up and then spent the next few hours devouring the shit out the book. No joke. I’m so happy right now I’m grinning like an idiot and I can’t keep these little laughs from escaping as I try to organize my thoughts into something other than fangirl screaming.

Give me a moment. Maybe a few more moments to let it all sink in before I continue.

Okay, I think I’m composed enough to give you something more than just exclamation marks and nonsense that only makes sense if you’re screaming while crying.

This book hits all my buttons.

Hot, pissed off, growly, football player with a chip on his shoulder? Check

Nerdy, Clark Kent look-a-like, who has no problem being a snarky ass bitch? Check

Sex so hot my tablet nearly caught fire? Check

Dirty talk that made my toes curl? Check

Super hot tension that had me biting my lip waiting for the dam to break? Check

Sarcasm out the wazoo? Check

Main characters not afraid to call each other out on their bullshit? Check

Amusing supporting characters? Check

Men with hearts of gold? Check

God, I could seriously just go on, and on, and on, and on, and on about how amazing this book it, but I really just want to scream in people’s faces that they should read it for themselves because it’s just that fantastic.

However, you didn’t come here for me to just fan girl cry and then throw the book at your face for you to read. So, I’ll give you the run down all while trying to wonder if my face is going to be sore tomorrow from all this damn smiling.

Gavin Brawley (fitting last name), is a professional foot ball player who was recently placed under house arrest, but not for the normal douche baggy stuff that professional players get caught doing. This guy, unbeknownst to most, chased a guy down who had taken a video of his friend in a compromising position and was threatening to expose him. Gavin is not one to stand for people fucking with his family, so after catching up with the frat boy asshole, he proceeds to get into a little scuffle resulting in him being punished by a 6 month sentence that leaves him unable to finish the season with his team or leave his home.

Noah Monroe is just a normal guy trying to find a way to make a difference in the world and floundering just a bit. After a debacle at his internship involving finding out his director, and the man he happens to be sleeping with, taking advantage of one of the kids in the program and turning him in only to be painted as just a jilted lover trying to tarnish a good man’s name, he’s left with no viable job prospects, mounting debt, and a more cynical outlook on life.

The two are thrown together because Gavin is in desperate need of a personal assistant, much to his chagrin, and Noah is desperate for any job that means he can start digging himself out of debt and help his father at the same time. However, our two main characters don’t exactly meet and fall into any kind of insta-love, it’s more a mutual distaste with an underlying attraction. Despite getting off on the wrong foot, where Noah insults the only thing Gavin cares about (football) Noah ends up working for Gavin in his glacial mansion.

These two together were pure, made me grin, laugh, and shake my head in mirth magic. They are both so damn sarcastic, sharp, and cutting it’s just wonderful. Quickly there’s this mutual respect from both for the other’s ability to call out their bullshit and that kind of transforms into a friendship, while that may be stretching it a bit far, I’m still gonna call it that.

Of course things take a little turn down naughty street when Noah discovers that Gavin is bi-sexual and that maybe, just maybe all the dirty fantasies he’s been having could possibly come true. That fantasy becomes a closer reality when Gavin kisses him for the first time and then the two later make out like horny teenagers before Noah pumps the breaks.

This book is low angst, especially when compared to some of the other shit shows I’ve read. Noah has a serious hang up about being attracted to his boss yet again, which causes him to try and keep his distance from Gavin and have things remain professional…yea that doesn’t last long. These two were just made for  each other, some serious soul mate bull shit.

Finally, FINALLY, the two realize that they can’t keep their hands to themselves and get down the nitty gritty stuff that makes me swoon over Santino Hassell’s books. The sex is always so raw and real feeling. In the case of Noah and Gavin, there’s all these underlying strong feelings on both sides. Both are falling in love and neither want to be falling in love when they’re not sure there’s even a future.

Which is where the angst comes in. A wake up call from Gavin’s manager, Joe, makes the duo realize that while they may feel very strongly about each other, there’s no real future from them where Gavin gets to keep playing football, the one thing that he says saved him. Because the world is a fucked up homophobic asshole. Coming out could damage Gavin’s career so badly that he’d never play football again and Noah is unwilling to have Gavin resent him for taking away the one thing he lives for, so the two part ways.

I think it was the most amicable and heartbreaking break up I’ve experienced to date. I felt my heart crack open when Noah set the alarm for the last time as he leaves Gavin’s home. There may have been some tears.

Despite the fact that this book ripped my heart out, showed it to me, and then threw it on the floor we get a happy ending that of course prompted this endorphin fueled review.

Our men are miserable without each other and when a past hook up of Gavin’s comes forward to out him to a tabloid along with the same frat fuckboy from the beginning Gavin realizes that Noah is far more important to him that football. Having the prospect of his career being taken away because of some asshole instead of because of the man he loves shows him that he can live without football, but he can’t live without Noah. So, he does what any sane person would do…he outs himself to the only reporter that has ever written a piece on him that wasn’t full of trash.

The story breaks while Noah and Gavin are tangled up in bed together, making up for lost time, and it’s not until the following morning when Noah reads the article, a linked tweet of Gavin’s team mate also coming out, and a supportive text from Joe that he sees that Gavin may get to keep him as well as football.

I will say that I could have used a damn epilogue. That’s my only complaint. I want a fucking epilogue. I want more of Noah and Gavin!!! I’m assuming we are left without one because there’s another book about Simeon coming out that will address the fallout from them both coming out. At least I fucking hope that’t the case or I may start raging.

Favorite part:

“You’re really going to drop the L word in between profanity and jokes?”

“Baby, I dropped it earlier and you didn’t even react, besides, you cursed a paparazzo to hell for wandering down the wrong part of the beach one time. I’m pretty sure I knew I loved you right then and there.”

“You had a funny way of showing it…You know I feel the same way, right?”

“Wrong. I wanna hear. In detail. In fact, I want a sonnet.”

“Screw your sonnet. You get words. I love your mean ass.”

UGH!!! Perfection.  I think I’m gonna read this one again like once a week until the next one comes out which is in FUCKING JANUARY!!!! Whhhhhyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

I think it goes without saying that I’m giving this one the full 5 Hump Day Book Review stars. If I had more stars to give out this book would get them all.

Alright, now that I’m done this is what we’re gonna read next, (while not so patiently waiting for Santino Hassell to release Down by Contact, Simeon’s story), is Friendly Fire by Cari Z.

Friendly Fire

Elliot McKenzie is the king of reinvention. Five years after losing his job and his lover and almost going to prison, his self-help program, Charmed Life, is more successful than he’d ever dreamed. He thinks he’s put his sordid past firmly behind him, until he starts receiving cryptic threats . . . and realizes it might not be as over as he’d hoped.

Security expert Lennox West has been lost since a deadly skirmish in Afghanistan led to his forced retirement from the Army. His PTSD makes helping his ex raise their daughter a challenge. When his ex’s sister asks him to set her boss up with a security system, Lennox isn’t expecting anyone like Elliot McKenzie—a man who captures his attention and makes him feel relaxed for the first time since leaving the service.

But Elliott is dangerously stubborn. Even as the threats against him escalate, he refuses to involve the police, and Lennox fears that stubbornness could kill him. A battle of wills ensues that brings them closer to each other than either man expected. But if the threats turn real, they might not live long enough to get their future together.


I’m still planning on talking about the new planner system Friday, but we’ll also touch a little more on why I’ve been absent lately. If you’ve got any suggestions, questions, or just wanna yell at me for being the most inconsistent blogger please feel free to leave a comment below.

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Until later, stay wonderfully wild!



Cards Against My Sanity

Hello wild ones! This post is coming in a little late due to the fact that I was stuck playing a card game and bad no way of bowing put gracefully until just a moment ago when everyone else decided hey were tired.

It’s been a long day kids. I woke up at 7 am and was on the run for the majority of my day. Started out with a visit to S, she just had her baby on Wednesday,  so I went to visit the duo. From there I hit the liquor store for tonight, the dollar tree, and the gave myself a little time to get lunch. After which I went to my sisters house and wwent to two different grocery stores for stuff for the beach trip. Once all that was done we got on the road and after nearly 2 hours in the car we arrived at the beautiful beach house she snagged on Air B&B. Guys, this place is really, really pretty. Ill post pictures on Monday, or you can go check out Instagram to see it in “real time.” 

We unpacked, made dinner, and for the past 2 hours I’ve been subjected to the game Cards Against Humanity. Imma go on the record now saying that I’m not really a fan. I’ve just been kind of throwing out cards I thought were funny and counting the minutes until I could go to bed. Blah.

Anyway, now I’m all tucked into my bed for the night and I’m ready to sleep. Night kids! 

Until later, stay wonderfully wild!


Making a Super Fast Connection

Hello wild ones and welcome back for another Hump Day Book Review! This week, we’re reviewing Fast Connection, the second book in the Cyberlove series by Meghan Erickson and Santino Hassell.

Fast Connection (Cyberlove, #2)

Oohff, that cover though.

Goodness kids, not even going to lie, I may have read this one too many times to be objective. No exaggeration I’ve probably read this book like 6-10 times since I found the series. I’m more than a little obsessed with this series, but this book in particular just really does something for me. So without any further ado, let’s get into it.

I’m in love with Dominic, Nicky, Constigan. We meet our dashing, just figuring out he’s bisexual hero in the first book Strong Signal where he’s Garrett’s hook up buddy for a short bit. He comes off a little douchy in the first book, coming on way to strong, but for me he’s like a puppy. Yea, he might pee on the floor and tear up your favorite shoes, but then he’s gonna look up at you with those soulful eyes and melt your heart with his goofy, tongue lolling grin. By the end of the first book you kind gotta like the boy, he takes to being a bisexual like a fish to water, ready to swim and eager to learn.

Dominic returns home from his last tour and finds himself floundering in his old life. He’s been gone for nearly 10 years in the army, but his life seems to have stagnated. He’s back living in his old bedroom in his parent’s house, working in the family deli, and confused about how to go about changing his life. To escape the boredom, as well as explore his new found sexuality, he cruises Grindr looking for a hook up and stumbles across Luke.

Oh Luke, the big growly hot and emotionally unavailable man of my Dominic’s dreams. Luke is complex man who likes to keep his life compartmentalized. Sex life goes securely in a box only to be opened on the weekends when his kids are with their mother and his daily life stays in a box far away from the people he hooks up with. He likes things that way, neat and uncomplicated. That all changes after a certain swaggering blonde hottie walks into his life and disrupts everything with his peanut butter sandwich.

Their relationship starts with a Grindr profile and a picture of washboard abs. Luke just wants to blow off some steam and Dominic is eager to have his first sexual encounter, not counting his time with Garrett while on base, with a man. Things get hot quick. Like super quick. Within an hour of meeting on Grindr they meet at Luke’s and then after a beer and very little conversation Luke proceed’s to blow Dominic’s mind and then turn everything upside down when right after they get each other off he’s ready to kick him to the curb and never see him again.

Poor little Luke, he never saw Dominic coming. The captain America look a like makes an impression on Luke that’s not easily forgotten. Dominic makes the grouchy man laugh, their silly conversations on Grindr have him grinning like a fool, and finally breaking his one and done rule. I’m not gonna lie to you and try to dress their relationship up into something it’s not, it’s super sex driven. For a while they only ever meet up on Friday evenings, after Luke’s kids are gone, and basically just have sex, Luke makes Dominic a sandwich, because getting off makes him ravenous, and then they go back to their separate lives. However, you get both of their point of views, so you get all the internal back and forth Luke fights with when he’s away from Dominic and the confused mess Dominic can be when trying to figure out what to do about his future. All that internal stuff kind of bleeds into their after sex conversations and both men find themselves wanting more from the other, but unwilling to say so.

That all comes to a head when Dominic takes Luke’s advice and makes a date for Halloween with someone other than Luke, GASP! Dear sweet baby Jesus, that decision prompts a hot firefighter’s costume, some even hotter hallway sex, and then a sort of sweet confession from Luke that he wants more from Dominic.

Our lovers don’t get to just ride off into the sunset just yet though, first we gotta deal with Luke’s compartmentalizing crap. The journey to happily ever after hits a giant snag when Luke’s son and Dominic’s sister runaway together to a gaming convention in Boston. Cue the record scratch. Gosh, the fight between Luke and Dominic makes my heart hurt, because each man can see that this is the end of their relationship and both are lamenting the loss of something well before they actually call it quits.

I didn’t shed too many tears though, for I knew that Luke was going to make things right. Spoiler alert, he does and they get to live happily ever after.

There were a lot of things I loved about this book. Luke believing in Dominic and pushing him towards the things he wanted out of life. Dominic’s confusion about his future. Luke wanting to protect Dominic from his father. Dominic just in general, I loved him because he was super vulnerable, all laughs on the outside to protect his soft center. I loved Luke as well because he came across as the gruff and tuff guy, but on the inside he was just a ball of fluff. A soft, cuddly teddy bear and his little cub. Awwww.

Not to say that there were some things I didn’t like. I was not a fan of their initial sex scene, just because it was Dominic’s first time (which he does not disclose) and it was kind of a harsh welcome into his newfound sexuality (though I’m sure that sadly that is the case for many young people). Luke all but slams the door in his face after they have sex. I was not a fan of Dominic’s father, I seriously did not like that guy and I hated his transformation. I like my villains/protagonists to stay shitty throughout the book, it honestly makes me more angry when they change just because it proves they didn’t have to be dicks in the first place.

Okay, so like I said earlier I have read this book several times since initially stumbling across it and I’ll likely read it again and again and again and again.

And now onto our rating! This book gets 5 stars from me. This was by far my favorite from the series and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m more than a little obsessed with Luke and Dominic.

Alright, moving onto next week’s book. We are going to be reading and reviewing Beau and the Beast by Kay Simone.


Beau and the Beast by [Simone, Kay]
For ten years, former Wall Street executive Wolfram—along with his staff—has been magically imprisoned in his midtown penthouse after his firm pissed off the wrong witch. Now, only one thing can free him from the curse.

Unfortunately, they’re not sure what that one thing is.

But mercy for the man with none, he still can be released:
Light can lift his shadowed soul when beauty frees the beast.

When a young reporter named Beau accidentally stumbles into their midst, the staff thinks he might be the answer to the witch’s riddle—if only they can convince him to stay.

Beau has his doubts when he’s asked to write the mysterious billionaire’s biography, but he can’t say no to the huge sum of money being offered. Resigned to his fate, Wolfram hates the idea of a stranger intruding in his life.

What neither man expects is the deep connection that forms between them. As they work together, Wolfram and Beau forge a passionate bond that threatens to boil over into something more.

The only problem? Thanks to the curse, Wolfram is a seven-foot-tall monster with eight weeks left to live unless the spell is broken.

Can Beau save a love he’s only just found, or is it too late for one man to set Wolfram free?

Would you look at that cover!!! LOVE! Okay, so come back next week to see my Hump Day Review of Beau and the Beast.

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Night kids!

Until later, stay wonderfully wild!


Coloring Night

Hello wild ones! Hopefully you got to do something fun this weekend before returning to the grind this week. 

So, this week we actually have some stuff going on. Yay for not being completely boring! I’m heading to the beach on Friday for an over nivhter with my sister and brother in law, so we have that to look forward to. Ill be making a trip to Sam’s on Thursday to prepare, gotta buy sunblock in a 5 gallon bucket. 

I got to visit with my best friend from high school today, along with her adorable 15 month old son. Can’t even remember the last time I’ve been around a kid that young. Other than the fact that there was a tiny person running about it was like we had gone back in time and settled back into our old ways. It was truly amazing. 

As you may know if you’ve been here a while, I’m kind of a loner. I’ve got like 1.5 friends and not really in the marmot for more, but after taking a trip down memory lane 2 weeks ago I started missing what I used to have. I used to be this outgoing, young woman who could and would make friends with anyone. Now I’m like the cranky old man who yells at kids to stay off his lawn. I’m not saying I don’t like who I am now, but a part of me wishes I could just go back to being that girl who didn’t seem to be afraid of going out in the world. 

Anyway, I found something cool at Walmart earlier that in dying to break open, so this one is gonna be a shorty. 

My goal for this week is to get this fucking house clean, for real. I need to finish my deep clean and get everything back in order. Another goal is to not eat junk food any more than twice this week and to go walking at least once. 

I’ll post updates on InstaGram and possibly snap chat…Cassilee made me download it. Have a great night kids!

Until later, stay wonderfully wild!


Maroon or Gray?

Hello wild ones! Well another week has come and gone. I’m sitting at work trying to decide if I want to paint my nails tonight. It’s the hard choices in life kids.

I don’t have anything planned for this weekend, other than crying because I have to leave my house to work. Bleh. Though it will give me plenty of time to get a list together for next week. I’m going to the beach next weekend and before we leave Friday I want to have my house back in order and all my crap sorted.

My bad luck with books struck again last night. I bought a book, it was on 99 cents, with an interesting premise, only to be severely disappointed. I swear I put the damn book down like 10 different times only to pick it back up again because I was not about to not finish a book I paid for. Ugh. Luckily, the books gods decided to take pity on me and I stumbled across a much better book shortly after.

I think that’s it kids…like I said, nothing really going on in the life of me.


Until later, stay wonderfully wild!


Surviving This Book

Hello wild ones! I hope your hump day has been treating you well, mine has kind of kicked my ass. I’ve slept a grand total of 2 hours today and I am really feeling it right now. I apologize in advance if this starts to go to the wayside.
Silly me, I need to remind myself that picking a book I’ve already read does not make my life any easier. I think it’s harder for me to write a review on a book I’ve read previously rather than picking something I haven’t read yet. Maybe I’m just crazy, but the two times I’ve picked books that I previously read it’s been a huge ordeal (or at least it felt that way to my overly dramatic ass) to re-read the book, try to comply notes, and then write the dang review. Also, while I’m being honest, I picked this particular book for a very specific reason; it’s a M/M shifter novel. A genre that is not really been my favorite since I started my foray into the world of man lovin.  Which is why I picked this book, I felt like doing a mini rant…so once again I apologize if this turns into a spastic word vomit post that makes you cringe.

Before I go off on any crazy tangents, let’s talk about the book, that is after all the very reason we are here on this Wednesday night. It’s Hump Day Book Review time!

Okay, so the book How We Survive by Michele Notaro, is kind of the best shifter novel I have read thus far. However, I should probably mention that I’ve kind of loathed every other one that I’ve read.

Let’s start with one of our main dudes (cuz you know there’s two), Nathan, AKA Nate. This poor, poor, little wolf boy. Though he is young, going on 19 at the time of this novel, he has been through some real shit. After his father is killed, which he had to listen to (literally the poor kid was under the floor while his father was killed), as a result of a war going on he and his younger brother, Felix, set out to find their older brother, Ronan. It was their father’s dying declaration/order, that they find their brother and he would know what to do. However, our little hero soon discovers that finding his Ministry (one of the sects in the war) serving brother is not so easy.

With only his brother, who refuses to shift back into his human form, he wanders the desolate country searching for his brother, hiding, and basically just struggling to keep them both alive. I can’t even begin to imagine this guys life.

Seriously this kid is beyond strong willed. I don’t even know what I would have done in his situation, probably just given up and hunkered down in an abandoned library until I died.

During their seemingly never ending journey, Felix leads them right into a town that is being patrolled by, Demetrius, AKA Tre, and a shifter group of Rebel soldiers. Which brings us to Tre, our second main dude.

Tre is a hero and the “alpha” of his two man pack. At nearly 900 this guy has obviously seen some shit, but honestly you don’t get a ton of his back story that doesn’t directly pertain to the war and his heroic efforts.  His “pack-mate” and best friend, Patrick (AKA Patty) has been with him for nearly 20 of years. They rely heavily on each other for everything, which includes emotional as well as physical support (and get yo dang mind out of the gutter. While these two do sleep together, they don’t “sleep” together). We’re told a few different times that shifters are social creatures and need physical contact, which actually makes sense, because it’s not like wolves have long drawn out conversations with each other. A lot of animal language is based off body language.

Anyway, so the two meet because Felix leads them right to Tre and instead of doing what some of his less than cozy cohorts would have done and just either killing the pair or at the very least capturing them for questioning, he plans to help them get away undetected. That fails, obvs or we wouldn’t have an entire book. Patrick and another fellow shifter soldier come across the trio and Tre comes up with the cover of being Nate’s mate. Of course the two younger men play along because they don’t wanna freaking die and Patrick after a tiny bit of convincing accepts the two into their small pack.

Quickly the fourseome settles into a new life together. Nate and Felix have to accompany Tre and Patty on their missions and it becomes increasingly obviously that Nate and Tre have a deep connection…you know their mates and all that jazz.

Nate, poor little baby Nate. He spends a great majority of this novel being grateful that the two took them in when they desperately needed help, but continually reminds himself that none of this is permanent. As soon as it is safe they are going to go their separate ways once again. He makes me sad and a little pissy because he couldn’t just accept what was right in front of him, he had a new loving family, but I get where his emotional conflict comes from. Both of his parents were killed, he hasn’t seen his older brother in waaaay too long, and his only other living family member can’t verbally talk to him. He’s been basically isolated for 3 years, so I get it, I don’t like it, but I get it.

Alright, so some actiony stuff happens, our heroes are captured, seriously injured, tortured in Nate’s case, and the four of them, along with their soldier clan/pack thing are set free by Ronan. Our two heroes finally get to have sex, though there’s still a tiny drop of drama there because at this point Tre has figured out that he and Nate are “True Mates,” and Nate has no idea. Blah. Anyway.

This one doesn’t have a definite ending, it’s set up for the second book, which I’m still kind of on the fence about reading, but it’s not out yet anyway, so it’s not like I gotta make that hard decision any time soon.

Okay, so some things I don’t mind about shifter books, the whole mate thing. If I’m just looking for something quick and easy to read I sometimes reach for books where I know the romance is going to be quick, possibly dirty, and long lasting. Maybe it’s because they elude to life mating it gives me the illusion that nothing can stand in the way of a happily ever after…maybe I’m just nutty. The whole mate thing usually means I get some super mushy stuff too, like them wanting to not be separated at all, cute scenes of them taking care of each other, and conversations so sweet they make my teeth hurt. It’s not always something I like, but every once in a while you know…you just crave things that you know aren’t good for you.

This particular shifter book skipped almost all of the shit that ruins other shifter books for me, F/M & M/M alike. The whole Alpha thing. I’ve read some shifter books where the “alpha” is like literally refereed to as alpha, like it’s his fucking name. That shit annoys me to no end. There’s also no mention of that omega and beta bull shit, which I was very thankful for, but back to the alpha thing for a quick second. I promise I’m gonna try to make this as painless and quick as possible.

Alphas aren’t born bitches. In the animal kingdom every male has the capacity to become the alpha, it is something that is earned, not given or born into. This is the one thing that pisses me off more than anything. In most of these novels any asshole with a slightly type A personality and vague leadership inclination is called an alpha. That’s not how it works, I’m sorry. Also, once the alpha is established his title can be challenged by any other male, so essentially the animal who was beat out before could come back and retake the game, not to say that it would happen, but it’s a possibility.

Okay, some other things this book strayed away from as far as the norm shifter troupe, male pregnancy. No joke kids the first time I read a book where one of the guys got pregnant I nearly stopped reading. I’m sorry, I get the fantasy (sort of anyway), but it’s just physically impossible unless you’re a freaking tree frog. Mammals cannot alter their biological make up to allow a male to carry a child.

I think Michele kind of kept her shifters true to their actual animal forms, does that make sense? There wasn’t anything that was so far removed from human make up or wolf make up that took me out of the story.

Like I said, this one is kind of emotional, but it’s an easyish read that I enjoyed at the end of the day.

Favorite Quote: “This is how we survive, guys. We survive together, we hunt together, we live together, we love together, and we fight for one another. As long as we have each other, none of that other shit matters. We’re family now; pack.”


Okay, so stars…I’m gonna go 3.5 stars.

Alright, so next week…shit…what am I going to read for next week? Let’s go with Fast Connection by Santino Hassell & Meghan Erickson. Crap, didn’t I just say at the beginning of this post that I didn’t want to choose another book I had read? Fuck it.

After a decade of serving in the Army, everyone still expects me to be Dominic ‘Nicky’ Costigan–the skirt-chasing player. They don’t know I’ve been spending my days trying to figure out my post-military life. Including how to pick up guys. When I meet Luke on a hookup app, he makes it clear it’s for one-night only. That’s fine with me, because I’m down to see what this silver fox can do. But after I arrive at his doorstep, it doesn’t take long to realize we have serious chemistry, and we end up meeting again. He’s got more walls around his heart than a military base, but I think he’s as addicted to me as I am to him. He can’t resist me for long. I mean, who can? Except Luke’s rules exist for a reason, and when I test his limits, things get complicated. Maybe too complicated.


So come back next Wednesday for another Hump Day Review and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram so you can keep up with the other crap going on in my crazy life. And check me out on Goodreads to see the other reviews I’ve written and the books I’m currently reading.

Alright kids, I’m gonna go and find something to do to keep from passing out for a few more hours. NIGHT!

Until later, stay wonderfully wild!



Hello wild ones! I’m running late again this week, but at least its only an hour and not several hours…my sleep schedule kinda got messed up today and my body is pissed. 

Initially I was just going to stay awake until around 1-2 pm. I needed to go pick up Edith’s license plates from the dealership and I wanted to have lunch with M because I haven’t seen her in about a week. Direct Tv threw a wrench in my plans by turning up at 10:45 am, 15 minutes before I was meant to meet M for lunch, and it took over an hour for them to install everything. We didn’t get to leave town to head to SA until nearly 1 pm and by then I was starting to sag. Didn’t get back from picking up my plates until 4 pm ish and then of course my mom started calling and bothering me because that’s my normal wake up time. 

Needless to say the nap I planned on taking got pushed back and then interrupted by the guy who came to cut my grass and then i passed out again. Woke up at 12:45 am and realized I had missed my midnight deadline. Fudge nuggets. 

Now, I’m posting this late and then I guess I’m gonna make myself go work on getting the kitchen back in working order. It currently looks like we just moved in because it became the unofficial dumping ground from the random crap I found in the garage. 

Goals for this week:

  • Make some actual progress on the garage. Up to this point I’ve just sorted through some of the stuff out there and kind of moved things around. 
  • Finish my house deep clean. My room is sort of done, except I have 2 bags of stuff that need to be dropped off at the donation station and a couple of boxes that need new homes. 

Alright kids, I think that’s about it for Monday check in. See ya later!

Until later, stay wonderfully wild!