Gross Misuse 

Hello wild ones! Sooooo, I’ve been a neglectful biatch lately. I’ve gotten way bad at keeping my blog schedule and it’s getting me down. 

I’m in a slump again where it kind of feels like nothing matters. I know it’ll pass and I just gotta push through, so I’m trying to get back on track. 

I know it seems silly, but part of that is I changed my hair. Something so tiny can just make me feel better, so this morning I dyed the ends of my hair dark blue. Made me feel like a mew woman. Tonight I’m hanging out with mom and maybe I’ll do a facial to pamper myself a bit. 

There’s nothing really going on this week. I’m still working on getting my new planner (yes new because I’m a crazy person) system, but it should be ready to show/talk about on Friday. 

The only goal I’ve got for this week is just to get back to my state of normal and to actually post on the 3 days I’m supposed to. 

So I’m gonna go now, but I’ll be back to post on Wednesday for another Hump Day Book Review. Night kids! 

Until later, stay wonderfully wild! 



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