To the Future

Hello wild ones! Happy new year!  know I said last night’s post was all about self-reflection, but we’re going to do a bit more today because I left things unsaid.

Very quickly I’m going to go through each of my goals from last year and then after I berate myself, I’m going to give you this year’s list and then go over how I would like for this year to play out as far as the blog goes.


Here is the list of goals I had for 2016 and my thoughts on whether or not I accomplished that goal.

  1. I am going to blog every day this year. Now, I am not promising that every blog will be witty, insightful, or even more than just a few words, what I am promising is that there will be an entry every single day this year. I’m already regretting this and the year has not even begun. – Totally accomplished this one! I’m sure if you’ve been for a bit you can attest to the fact that my blogs are not always insightful, interesting, or even more than just a few words, and there were a few times that I was a teensy bit late with posting. However, I’m giving myself a pat on the
  2. I will work on my procrastination problem. Honestly, I am hoping that the above goal will help with this one. – Yea…I don’t think I made any kind of progress on the procrastination front, I’m still waiting until the last few minutes of my deadlines to get my work done.
  3. Eat healthier or more importantly stop eating so much crap. At home and at work I just eat stuff that is awful for me and it is seriously time I stopped. – I started really strong with this one, however sometime after my birthday I began dropping off, and I’ve ended the dang year eating almost as badly as I was before I started this year. Bleh.
  4. Be more active. I work 12 hours sitting on my sizeable ass, so I need to get up and move more often. – Again, I did fairly well with this one until about the time that I got switched to night shift and then I steadily started dropping off. I haven’t seen the inside of the dang gym for months and I seriously spend way to much time on my still sizeable ass.
  5. Get my shit together or to put it more appropriately be more organized in my personal life as well as my professional life. My professional life is sort of organized just because I hate to work in a chaotic environment, but it could be more organized. My personal life has no organization at all…I pretend to make schedules in my phone’s calendar, but rarely follow the plan I have laid out for myself. – Wow…kinda don’t even want to touch this one. For a few months I was  a little more organized, but honestly I’m still a freaking mess.
  6. Be more fiscally responsible. I can be super bad with money and I’m so very tired of living pay check to pay check. – Ummmmmm…yea. Shit I feel like the answer for most of these is the same. I started out well enough and then crashed and burned. On this front however, I did manage to make myself save money each week before I went to Vegas, but even that wasn’t nearly as consist as it should have been and since I’ve been back my finances have been way worse than they were before.
  7. Improve my credit score. I just recently thought maybe, just maybe my credit score should be higher than my age… – Hey, here’s another one I actually made some good progress on. My credit score has been steadily rising this year. Whoop!
  8. I would like to become more adventurous and by that I mean that I’d like to get out more often. I’ve never been the social type necessarily and while I don’t want to change that completely I would like to see more of the world around me and experience new things. – Who the hell was I kidding with this one? I’ve got mixed feelings about this particular goal. I went out much more this year than I have in previous year and of course I made it all the way to Sin City, but I don’t feel more adventurous. If anything, I think I’m stuck back in my shell more firmly than before. I blame the books again, it’s just so much safer to read about other people’s adventures than have my own.
  9. Finish one of the several novels I’ve started. I always tell people that I want to be a writer when I grow up, well news flash chica you’re 25, so get on the ball. – I’d really like to skip this one entirely because I think out of all the others this one upsets me the most. Did I made some progress on working on my own boos, yea, but nothing to be tooting my horn over. I still don’t have a finished piece of work and I don’t think anything I’ve been working on is anywhere near being done.
  10. Stick to the above list. This I added partly because I didn’t want to have an odd number of resolutions (I may have a touch of OCD) and partly because repetition is the key to success. – See above crap…

Jeeze, that felt a beating. I seriously let myself down this year. And I think more than anything I just don’t want to feel so dang lazy all the time, seriously I am the laziest, for about 2 hours after I woke up today I laid around in bed just reading because I didn’t want to leave the comfort of my bed. How ridiculous is that? It would be one thing if it was like a rare occurrence, but lately I’ve spent more time in my bed or on my butt than I think ever before. My house has suffered, my health obviously, and my mental well-being because every single time I realize that I accomplished nothing after spending my night reading at home I feel bad about being such a lazy dick. I don’t want to feel like that anymore. Alright, now let’s launch into this year’s list of things I’m trying to accomplish. Goodness I wish I had the same excited gleam in my eye that I did last year when I started this dang journey, but maybe the knowledge that I failed so miserably will help solidify the determination I feel and keep me going strong instead of fizzling out.


2017 Goals

  1. I am going to blog every day. I like having something that I must do every single day. This year is going to be different though, I’m not going to do any crap posts where I only pop in to give some excuse as to why my post for the day sucks.
  2. I will work on my procrastination problem. This will forever be on my goals list until I finally conquer this particular problem.
  3. Make better lifestyle choices. Which will include eating healthier/not eating so much crap, getting myself organized like a freaking adult, and being more physical active. I work 12 hours sitting on my sizeable ass, so I need to get up and move more often. More often than not, as soon as I get off work I come straight home and fall into bed to either read for a couple of hours or to immediately pass out only to wake up just before I need to leave for work. It’s a ridiculous cycle that needs to be broken. To help me break this cycle I’m going to set up a fitness goal for every week that must be met (ex. Walk for an hour 3 days this week…)
  4. Be more fiscally responsible. I’m looking into making cutbacks because there are things that I spend my money on that are just ridiculous.
  5. Keep improving my credit score. I’d like to own a house one day…so ya know gotta get on the ball.
  6. I would like to be adventurous, which of course means I am going to start putting the dang books down and experiencing the real world around me and not just the fictional world I spend way too much time in.
  7. Finish one of the several novels I’ve started. I think maybe I was just not specific enough in this goal last year, I have about a dozen or so story ideas that I’ve tinkered with over the years, but because I don’t make myself focus on just one idea I never finish anything. So, to be clear I am going to work on an arranged marriage work that I’ve been working on. To help make sure I reach this goal I am going to set up short term goals for myself and report my progress back to you.
  8. Set up short term goals (I’m thinking monthly for some and weekly for others) and then work my butt of to reach each of those goals so that I can be more prosperous this year.


You’ll notice that our list is basically the same as last year, well that’s because they are goals that I still need to work on obviously. I just want to be the best me that I can and these are things that I know will help fortify the foundation that is me.

As for the blog, I am still going to post every day. Tonight, I’m going to work on figuring out how I want to schedule out my posts because I’m sure we can all agree that there were far too many lackluster posts last year and I don’t want to keep making the same dang mistakes over and over again.

I want to say thank you for being my companion on this journey, there are no words for the gratitude I feel towards every single person out there who might be using their time to read my ramblings. I hope you decide to stick with me.

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!




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