Hello wild ones! Today my baby brother turned 21. Twenty-freaking-one. Ugh, that makes me feel super old. 

I’ve had kind of a long day at this point. I was up until 4 am doing my mom’s hair and luckily once we were done she convinced me to take a nap or I’d probably be dead right now. I slept for a few hours and then woke up to throw curlers in my hair. 

Photo from snap chat, like I’ve said before if you not already following me you should be… @crazydame90 

The whole curler thing didn’t really pan out…I got a few cute pics

and then they kind of petered out, so I ended up with a cute braided side bun thing.

We went to San Marcos to take Bub to lunch, spent over an hour just waiting for the damn boy to get ready and then took him to do a little bit of shopping and now I’m home…I’ve been up for nearly 12 hours now, after only have 3 hours of sleep, so I’m starting to feel my body rebel. It’s not used to being up all dang day. I’m getting ready to crash for a bit and I was worried I might not wake up before midnight, though I’m sure I will, I wanted to make sure I got my post out in time. 

I hope this week treats you well. I’m gonna go curl up with my pillow and sleeeeeeeeeeep. Night kids!

Until later, stay wonderfully wild!



Gross MisuseĀ 

Hello wild ones! Sooooo, I’ve been a neglectful biatch lately. I’ve gotten way bad at keeping my blog schedule and it’s getting me down. 

I’m in a slump again where it kind of feels like nothing matters. I know it’ll pass and I just gotta push through, so I’m trying to get back on track. 

I know it seems silly, but part of that is I changed my hair. Something so tiny can just make me feel better, so this morning I dyed the ends of my hair dark blue. Made me feel like a mew woman. Tonight I’m hanging out with mom and maybe I’ll do a facial to pamper myself a bit. 

There’s nothing really going on this week. I’m still working on getting my new planner (yes new because I’m a crazy person) system, but it should be ready to show/talk about on Friday. 

The only goal I’ve got for this week is just to get back to my state of normal and to actually post on the 3 days I’m supposed to. 

So I’m gonna go now, but I’ll be back to post on Wednesday for another Hump Day Book Review. Night kids! 

Until later, stay wonderfully wild! 


Good Gravy

Hello wild ones! Well I messed up kids, messed up bad. I didn’t post on Friday and I didn’t realize it until last night! My internal clock is all sorts of screwed up.

In my defense, Friday was a crazy night. My sister and I had plans to pick up a captains bed we were buying for our brother, those plans morphed into an impromptu shopping trip with said brother at Target. My sister and I should not be allowed in Target together, we spent waaaay too much time there and waaaaaaaaaay too much money.

The trip took a turn when we headed to dinner only to realize that Dani had lost her wallet. We spent an hour searching for it, cursing humanity because why do people have to be so freaking shitty? After an hour, some tears, mounting frustration and a few phone calls the search was called off and we headed to comfort ourselves with some delicious food. Apparently the universe heard our call and decided to show us that not all humans are garbage, a woman had found her wallet and contacted her through Facebook! She was even nice enough to bring it to where we were. How great is that?! So while the night had taken a turn for the worse it ended on a good note…except for the fact that in all the drama I forgot to post on my blog.

Ugh, anyway, so I suck, the world doesn’t suck that bad, but I do. Okay, so then the weekend rolled through and screwed me up further. I didn’t even get my planner layout finished for this week. I feel like I didn’t get anything done this weekend at all. My mom has kind of unofficially already moved in, so we spent the weekend cleaning. She cleaned during the day while I slept and I cleaned and organized (because organization is not her strong suit) over night. The only thing I have to show for this weekend is that my garage is significantly cleaner than it was before. I started reorganizing and cleaning out my craft stash Saturday night, which is how we got started on the cleaning kick. My craft stash was looking good yesterday, but then mom started stacking stuff on my little stations that still need to be organized, so there is still more to do. It’s like the never ending mess.

I’m going to work on my planner layout as soon as I get this posted, so I should still have pictures up on Instagram before midnight, but as of right now I don’t have planner photos to show you. Sorry. Again, I suck.

As far as goals go…bleh, I’m just gonna try to suck less. I want to get my kitchen cleaned up and organized. I need to get my laundry table project done. My bedroom needs some some work, but all of that is gonna kind of take the back burner because my little baby is moving this weekend!!!!

My brother is moving on Friday, so I’ve got to help him get all packed up this week. Friday I’ll be helping him move into his new place, though of course I had to talk him into letting me because he thought maybe a 20 year old dude moving in with his sister’s help would be lame. I nearly cried. After a little pouting, some heavy guilt, and a few stray tears he relented that I could help. I’m not 100% sure I’m gonna make it through the entire thing without breaking down into an emotional mess.

Because I’ll be up in San Marcos helping him move I’ve made plans to have dinner with Brittny, so that should be fun. Hopefully that little nugget of info will keep me from becoming a huge mess…probably not, but a girl can hope.

Alright kids, I’m gonna get to work on my planner because there are a few other things I wanna get done tonight.

Make sure you’re following me on Instagram, so you can see the planner pictures once they’re done. Check out my Goodreads profile to see what I’m reading this week. Also, if you’ve got snapchat find me @crazydame90 to check out my crazy antics.


Until later, stay wonderfully wild!


Hardly Working

Hello wild ones! Welcome to yet another Monday. I’m at work tonight, so that means I am working on planner stuff…duh. It’s not like I would be doing actual work while at work, ha, how ridiculous. I’m currently working on 2 planners for other people, I gotta go make a Wal-Mart run in a bit because I need more fucking double sided tape I swear I go through waaaaaaaaay too much of that stuff. I probably need to think about getting an ATG, or whatever those huge glue gun things are.

Anyway, since it’s Monday it’s time for a peek into my planner layout for the week. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen these photos, if you don’t follow me on Instagram, what the heck are you doing with your life?





You’ll notice that I remembered to leave the goals blank until after I took pictures, so let’s talk about those. Goals of the week:

  1. Walk 4 days this week – I managed to do 3 days last week! Whoop!
  2. No junk more than twice this week.
  3. Find and do a “morning” yoga routine that works for me. – I did one yesterday and today that is for beginners, and so far it’s easy enough that I want to do it and it feels like I’m getting a good stretch.
  4. Create a twitter account.

We don’t have a ton going on this week. Though, I did just make plans to hang out with Shelby and Sterling on Friday afternoon. Other than that I’ve got to get 2 planners done and ready to give out by Friday, I need to finish a flip book for M’s birthday (which you’ll hear all about on Friday), and call my bank to get my savings account reopened.

I might also take a look at my financial printouts and find a better way to keep track of my stuff because the app I wanted to use can’t be linked to my small town bank. Boo.

Now, I should get back to work, you know the work I need to do on the planners, not actual work. I hope you guys have a great week!

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Night kids!

Until later, stay wonderfully wild!





Short, Yet Sweet? Hopefully…

Hello wild ones! It’s Monday yet again, so I hope your week got off to a good start. I’m at work tonight, so I’m trying to use my time wisely by getting a few projects mapped out for some future posts.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve already seen what the week looks like for me, but here’s another sneak peek into what this week looks like so far.

I blacked out the goal section because I didn’t want to post those on Instagram early. Be on the lookout for the monthly layout, which I will be posting tomorrow.

I decided to help me simplify things as well as make them more coordinated that I was going to use the same color throughout the entire month to indicate the days I have to work and my blog post day boxes is one of the prints I used in my monthly layout to block off my blog post days. Does that make sense? I feel like that sentence does not make sense…

As you can see I’ve got a little road trip planned for my days off this week. I’m heading to Bastrop to visit Cassilee and Corbin for a few days. I’m really excited!! Although, other than that I don’t really have anything else going on. However, I’m trying to get my shit together to figure out how to make this blog better. I’ve got a few ideas so far, but I need to organize my thoughts and start implementing them.

Goals for the week:

  1. Walk at least 3 days this week (for once I am off to a great start on this one! I’ve walked twice already this week! WHOOP!)
  2. Finalize blog schedule/revamp.
  3. Answer questions of the week. Which are; Should I create a Twitter? Should I link my blog to tumblr? How can I make my blog better?
  4. Send out resumes. (I’m still kind of on the fence on this one, but I think it’s really time for me to seriously consider making a change in my life.)

I’ve also been trying to eat better, I eat way too much junk food…like seriously waaaaaaaay too much. Gotta cut down on that crap, so before I came back to work I bought some fresh fruit to snack on.

Alright kids…I think that’s kind of it for tonight. I wanna get back to getting my projects for the night. Night kids!

Until later, stay wonderfully wild!


Monday Funday

Hello wild ones! I hope your week is off to a great start.

Alright, so we don’t really have anything exciting going on this week unfortunately. I’m thinking about taking some time this week to crank out the very few projects I have left in my garage, though to be honest there really isn’t any point. No one around here buys my damn stuff. I’ve had this beautifully distressed pink and white table on Facebook for like 3 weeks now and haven’t had a single damn bite. It may be time to move onto Craigslist.

Here’s a glance at the planner this week, unfilled.


I really need to start using the camera to take these pictures instead of my dang phone. I guess maybe that could be one of my weekly goals, getting use to using the camera instead of my phone…

Oh, speaking of the camera, I made an explosion box to give to S for Blueberry’s “birth”day. I took some really good photos, or at least I hope I did, so I’ll post those on Friday along with a brief break down of how I made the box. It was a really cool experiment/craft and I wish I had a reason to make more like now.

As you may or may not be able to tell, I’m trying out a new format/layout in my planner for this week. I decided that I didn’t need an entire damn rectangle for my blog and then another just for Instagram posts, so I combined them. The plan as of right now is to leave that bottom row blank so that I can use this planner as a scrap book of sorts as well. Though, for weeks like this one, there won’t really be anything to put down there, so I am toying with the idea of using it for financial stuff until I have something to stick down there. I guess I could pretend I’m going to use it for journaling.

Goals for this week are:

  1. sort through the craft stuff in the garage and start getting rid of stuff I don’t use.
  2. find a better way to organize my planner stuff. Right now I do most of my planner stuff at work, so I need a better way to carry all my crap around.
  3. go walking at least once (didn’t really do that last week, though I did do quite a bit of walking around at the beach.
  4. read Miracle Morning. I downloaded it for M a couple of weeks back and started reading it Saturday morning while waiting for everyone else to wake up. It peaked my interest, so I’m gonna to commit to reading it all the way through.
  5. oh, and start getting more comfortable using the actual camera for blog/instagram photos.

I think that’s enough for the week. Okay kids, I’m gonna get back to filling in my planner for this week. Go check out my Instagram to see what else I’m up to this week. Hop on over to Goodreads to see what else is on my reading list. And maybe find me on snapchat @crazydame90

Have a great night!

Until later, stay wonderfully wild!