Day 120: Squeaky Clean

Hello my wild ones! The weekend is finally here and since we survived the week treat yourself this evening. I did.

I’ve only got one more day until my days off start and tomorrow I’ll be counting the minutes until I’m free again. In the meantime, I’ve got some work to get finished up and maybe I’ll bring along a book, or maybe I’ll continue binge watching Gossip Girl. Please don’t judge. We’re all entitled to our guilty pleasures and I may have found a few one in this stupid show.

Rent is due this weekend, so I’ll be living like like a broke bitch next week. Because of that reason I took myself and friends to dinner tonight because there will be no eating out next week. After dinner I tried to treat myself to some frozen goodness, but my plans went terribly astray.

For some fucked up reason the universe decided to mess with me. I haven’t had ice cream, like real ice cream, for months so imagine my delight when it was suggested that we stop for ice cream on the way home. I was so excited!! I should have realized that my excitement would mean bitter disappointment. First they were completely out of my favorite novelty flavor, coconutty, as a substitute I ordered cake batter because for a moment I forgot that the only cake batter ice cream I like is from cold stone. It was so fucking gross. From the weird yellow and brown swirly mass to the gag invoking taste. What the hell where they thinking calling that gross shit cake batter? Cake batter is all that is good in the world, sweet, tangy, and scrumptious, this was none of those things.

I pawned the gross confection off on my friends husband and then took myself to the car wash. That’s where I’m currently sitting writing out this post.


My car was in desperate need of  cleaning and the inside could still use some work, but this will do for tonight.

I love car washes. There a tunnel of utter solitude where I can turn my radio up, scream all the words to my favorite song, or just think. I’ve done some serious thinking in car washes. Something about the water and soap is just very calming to me.

Today I pondered on my hair, real deep I know, but last night I had a dream that I woke up and my hair was it’s natural dark brown again and I loved it. My eyes looked brighter, my skin more pale and creamy. That silly dream had me seriously contemplating a major change in my hair. I’ve been various shades of platinum, purple, and grey for over a year now and while that dream did have me thinking it may be time to go back to my roots, literally, I don’t think it will be happening. I love my hair color. I love knowing that I can make my purple as bright or soft as I want and that as it fades my blonde will be beautiful. So for now I’ll be staying blonde and just dreaming of my former glory days.

My dogs are demanding scratches, so I’ve got to give them my full attention. Night!

Caloric intake: 1,783
Calories burned: nada

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


Day 119: Foul Mouth

Hello my lovely wild ones! I hope all is well in your world today.

For some odd reason the following question formed in my foggy brain during my morning commute: what would I even talk about on a date? No clue where that strange thought came from, but it was a valid question that I pondered nearly all day.

I don’t follow the news. Current events are our of the question because I believe the people presenting us with information can spin it any which way they want, so how can we ever be sure we’re even getting the real story.

I have no interest in politics. People at work are always asking who I’m voting for and I give the same apathetic answer, I don’t vote. Unless an ape is running who is planning on making our lives miserable I don’t see the fuss.

The information I do get about the 2 above topics comes from Facebook or social media.

How in the world would I even have a conversation with a stranger? Not a big fan of talking about myself. I hate that question, so tell is about you. What do you need to know? I’m a foul mouthed, kind hearted bitch with a fondness for animals. That about sums Chelsea up.

So what would I talk about if I found myself on a date? There’s really no sense in worrying about that now, it’s not like there’s a line of guys outside waiting to take me out, I just checked.

Maybe the question was a convoluted signal from my brain that I am ready to start looking for a partner. Maybe I just think about the dumbest shit.

What do you talk about on dates? Help me here people.

Caloric intake: 1,690
Calories burned: 0000

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!

Day 118: Wet Rat

Hello my wild ones! Was your Wednesday wonderful? Mine didn’t suck 100%, maybe about 40 – 50%.

I’m sure you read my pitiful post from yesterday. Still not exactly sure what happened. I’m assuming it was a combination of the elements (allergies blowin about), not enough food (it’s not like I starved myself, I just wasn’t hungry), my period is soon to be upon me, the odd and strenuous positions I had myself twisted in while working on the mirror table, of course the frustration caused by that mirror table, and the resulting headache that I could not shake. I can’t believe I broke down in tears though or that even as I was telling you about it last night I still had silent tears rolling down my cheeks. Okay, maybe not so silent, but would you begrudge me my last shred of dignity?

My headache followed me into today. My hopes of ditching it while I was sleeping, but the stupid jackals wouldn’t leave me alone.

Work wasn’t bad, it was just work and you know how much I hate work. The night shift dispatcher had me worried because she was frantic when I got there, but I should have known better than to trust her judgment. That bitch always be trippin.

I was late today and I showed up looking like a wet rat because I had to shower this morning, but didn’t wake up in time to blow dry after the shower. My hair dried super silky though, so I guess it wasn’t so bad. Tonight I’m going to slightly dampen it and roll it so hopefully it will be curly for tomorrow.

I finally finished getting all the grout off of the mirror pieces in the table, now I think maybe the table is a little too white, so tomorrow after I get home I’ll take a closer look and decide if I want to paint more color onto the table. I’ll be so glad when the damn thing is done.

It’s bed time folks. I still have to make my bed because last night I only slept wrapped up in my blanket on my unmade bed. I’m a disgrace, I know…


Caloric intake: 1,433
Calories burned: 1,014

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!

Day 117: Cocoon

Hello my wild ones. I hope your day was better than mine.

Today just got the better of me. I literally just started crying in my garage because I was just done with the day. Like a toddler I padded through my house, turning off the many loud devices intensifying my head ache, while crying and babbling the words, “I just wanna go to sleep. Please, I don’t want to be up anymore.”

Not sure if it’s just the terrible headache I’ve been battling all day, the fact that my mirror mosaic didn’t go as planned, or that I realized that because of the former I accomplished absolutely nothing today.

We’ll have to talk about that tomorrow, because I’m going to sleep. I don’t want to be awake anymore. I’m just so done with this day, so before I burst into tears again I’m going to shut my eyes and hope that sleep comes swiftly.

Goodnight sun.

Caloric intake: 1,073
Calories burned: 455

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!

Day 116: New Things

Hello my wild ones. I hope you’ve had a pleasant Monday. Mine has gone very well.


I finished the movie shelf!! It’s taken me waaaaay to long to do this simple flip. But it’s done. As you can probably see there’s a few spots where my stupid contact paper needs to be smoothed out, but I cannot be bothered to fix the small problem. You’ll also notice that the bottom shelf is empty, that’s because I don’t trust that little hoe Lois. So until she learns to leave things alone, well help her by keeping things off of her level.


This is what the shelf looked like last week when I decided to take it apart. As you can see I had forgotten to take a photo before disassembly. I bought this movie shelf off of Craigslist just under a year ago for $25. Have I ever mentioned that I’m a movie lover? I was so pleased to find this old display shelf!! After getting it home I painted it yellow and glued that floral wrapping paper to the back of each shelf.

After I decided to make a new entertainment center I knew I would have to redo the shelf. The yellow really wasn’t working anymore.


That damn floral wrapping paper was the bane of my existence in this project. The spray adhesive I used really had that crap stuck down. I had to take a scrapper to most of it and then my all over cleaner and a very abrasive sponge to the more stubborn stuff.


To help match our new and adorable TV Stand I painted the outsides and the top of each shelf with the same dark teal paint used on the bottom portion of the dresser.


The underneath of each shelf is painted with the second color on the dresser, you can’t really even see it, but I was running out of the darker color so I had to improvise.

I found some grey and white contact paper at the dollar store for only 1 dollar a roll, so I grabbed 2, which ended up not being enough, and started cutting out the pieces needed to cover the backs of each shelf.


Please ignore the pile of clothing. This is fucking thing was a massive pain to put back together. I tried reassembling last night, but that ended in a cloud of curses and me throwing the screwdriver down the hall in a huff. Today with the help of my brother I got it put back in order with only minor paint damage,  luckily I had paint and a brush on hand just in case. When I tried to put the top piece back on I realized that I was going to have to staple to contact paper down to keep it in place because of the way it hangs down. I also had to bring in my utility knife and do a little trimming of the contact paper in areas.

It looks really cute, but I’m not 100% happy with the placement. The old TV Stand was not as long as the new one, so the caddy corner placement looks a little strange.


Just a close up of my trinkets.


This little dude I picked up during my Dallas trip. He was just a sad and lonely little bookend missing his other half, so for 2 bucks I brought him home and gave him a little make over. Two coats of metallic spray paint and then a light coat of looking glass paint just to brighten him up a bit more. Isn’t he a cutie?

I also got started on a few different projects. I started painting the desk.


Isn’t this a cool desk? Love it.


These are the drawers, look at those drawer pulls!! The desk has a few dings, but I left those because I like the character it gives the desk. Our only other issue was that one of the legs was pulling away a smidgen, so I applied some wood glue and knocked it back into place.

I also started working on this coffee table.


It only needed a few small repairs, some damaged veneer that had to be patched and that was about it for this coffee table.

Just as an update, I did call to find out the cost of a membership at the gym I need to join. It’s $35 a month and I have to pay a start up fee of $45. Sooooooo, I have to have 80 smackers to join the gym, which I won’t have until my next pay day. Until then I’ll just walk in the evenings I don’t have zumba.

I feel like today was a fairly productive day, but tomorrow we have to kick it into high gear. I need to get the house cleaned, do all my laundry, finish the coffee table, prep my meals, and mentally prepare myself for returning to work.

Oh man, I just remembered that tomorrow is my last day off. Noooooooooo. I don’t wanna go back to work. Please don’t make me!

Caloric intake: 1,572
Calories burned: 555

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!

Day 115: Maze

Hello my wild ones! I hope everyone had a safe and happy Sunday. The dogs are lounging on top of me while we watch Despicable Me. Silly babies.

Woke up super early again this morning and my sister and I went for a walk to start our day right. Again, I need new shoes. Mine are still rubbing what feels like a hole into the back of my heel. Ouchie. Unfortunately, we has no monies so that will have to wait a little longer.

We had breakfast with mom, stopped in at Walmart and that’s when I realized that I had forgotten my wallet at home. Not ideal since I wanted to get the white paint and grout I need to start on the large coffee table.

My mother decided we needed to tackle the ridiculous mess in my garage. I’ll never tell her she was right, I have my pride to consider, but it was getting out of hand and the help was wonderful. We got it sort of organized back the way I need it to be, I’ve still got waaay too much crud out there for it to be in exact order. It’s still like a maze out there, but we made great progress and tomorrow I’m planning on finishing at least one project that can then be taken to the storage building so I’ll have more space.

I’ve got a mountain of laundry to conquer over the next 2 days. I also need to put my house back in order.


My stinky baby got a bath today. He wasn’t thrilled, but he behaved well enough so of course he earned a treat and I allowed him to have his rope toy from yesterday. Lois is still smelly, but my brother needs to deal with her dirty butt.

I’m wearing my new yoga pants, too lazy to take them off so I ran my errands looking like I just came from the gym. Ha.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to be going to a local gym to find out about membership costs and I may very well be joining a gym. Not super excited, but it’s time to work a harder for what I want.

How amazing would it be I’d the shrink ray was a real thing? I mentioned I’m watching Despicable Me, they just shrank an elephant. It always makes me want a little pocket size pet that’s not meant to be pocket sized. How fucking cool would it be to have a little pet hippo you could hold in the palm of your hand? Really fucking cool. Modern science needs to get its butt into gear.

I hope you have a great week!

Caloric intake: 1,432
Calories burned: 408

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!

Day 114: Plum Crazy

Hello my wild ones. Up until a few moments ago this had been a great day.

We started the morning bright and early with a yummy smoothie, got the kitchen cleaned, and made a plan for the day before my mom was even awake. Like the wonderful daughter and sister I am, I grabbed breakfast for my family, so I wouldn’t have to worry about my mom passing out during our long day.

After feeding the beasts, we stopped at my sisters house for a quick visit and then picked up M before setting out on our adventure.


This is The Barn, my favorite place to root for treasures. Unfortunately, I’m not attached to my phone the way I should be and therefore did not take it in with me to photograph the many oddities found within. I only took this picture when we went back to pick up a desk I purchased that didn’t fit in my car. I’m bad I know.

I found a really pretty roll top desk that cried out for a makeover, so I placed it on layaway. If I had any sense in my head there would be a photo of said desk, but as your already know I’m an idiot devoid of even a lick of sense.

Across the street from my beloved barn someone was having a moving sale and had a funky mid century desk for only $40 bucks, I haggled a tiny bit and scooped it up for $35, pictures to come soon.

From there we traveled to Finder’s Keeper’s and walked up and down the aisles. I managed to find another globe!! Only $12 so now we have 2 to transform! Whoop! Being in that store makes me wish I had more money, there are so many beautiful things with high price tags attached.

We rushed home to have lunch with my sister and her husband before switching vehicles to go pick up my desk this time with my sister in tow. Of course because she came with us she insisted we go back to FK, she’s in love with it too, on our second trip I stumbled across our favorite scent department and fell in love with some new fragrances. I also bought a wax bar, you know the smelly ones you melt, in the scent Plum Crazy for a coworker. Recently she and her husband bought a car in the shade plum crazy, it really is a lovely shade of purple, so I though it only fitting that their house smell of plum crazy.

We did some more shopping in San Antonio nothing too exciting to report there except for the fact that I tried on a pair of shorts that are 2 sizes smaller than the pants that I have been wearing and they fit!!! I felt really proud in that moment. I’ve still got a long way to go, but it’s reassuring to see my progress.

Upon arriving home I discovered the thing that soured my good mood.  My dogs, I say dogs even though I’m sure it was just Lois, but of course there’s no way to prove it so they’re both guilty today, climbed all over my coffee table and tore up all 4 of the wax bars I bought as well as the room spray. I now have a gnawed up brick of wax in the scent plum crazy that I have to keep because my dogs are dicks. They’ve been kenneled for their crime. Brats. And to think that while we were out and about I managed to get them each a toy because I felt bad, they won’t be receiving the ropes I bought them for a few days now.

They really both need to go to obedience school, I do too, but shit we have to do something because Lois is getting out of control. I’m never going to be able to have nice things if she doesn’t learn she’s not supposed to be tearing up my belongings.

Now I’m relaxing in my bed, my mother is blathering on, mostly to herself about not being able to find her PJs…jeeze. If this is an indication of my years to come please shoot me now.

It’s been a long day and it’s time for it to be over. So good night and sleep tight!

Caloric intake: 1,935
Calories burned: I’m sure there’s a number that could go here, I did a ton of waking around, but I don’t want to lie and say I know exactly how much time I spent walking about…sooooooo it’s whatev.

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!