Day 174: Blow Me

Hello wild ones! You are probably just starting your day, while I am wrapping mine up. I hope your hump day is grand.

I just did something that seems strange: blow drying my hair. Now, the act of blow drying my hair is not what is strange, I do that more than I ought, but I just dried my hair only to climb into bed. I cannot sleep on wet hair, I’ll wake up looking like a crazy lady and then my hair will just be an unmanageable mess until it’s time to wash aagin. So I just spent 20 minutes drying my hair, only to wrap it up in a bun and crawl into bed. Oh well.

I’m testing out a new cleanser for my hair as well. While grocery shopping the other day I ran across one of those miracle all in one cleansing balm type if hair products and thought, hmm maybe I should give it a go. Supposedly this one cleanser does the work of 6 products and should eliminate the need for after shower products, I however will not be testing that. My fragile hair cannot afford to not be saturated in the crap I put in my hair after every shower.

It did clean my hair rather nicely, honestly as I was washing my hair I tried to remember the last time I had done it and could not recall…wow. oh wait! I just washed on Saturday!  Whew. Anyway, my hair actually felt kind of not as tangled and mangled as usual after getting out of the shower, to further test that I did run a comb through one side of my hair before putting in my products just to see if I could. This is not something I would ever attempt because the outcome is never pretty, but today I was able to comb through without any major mishaps, so good on them.

I also shaved my legs just because I wanted to put my lotion on smooth skin and it was getting a little out of control. Literally had not done that since my birthday dinner…wow. just call me Chewbacca. Now I’m all supple and silky and tucked into my clean wonderful sheets. This is living. That feeling alone makes me want to shave my legs everyday before bed, or maybe get hair removal. I would totally do that if it was an option because I’ve got more hair on my body than any girl should.

Okay, body stuff aside, I really need to be shutting my eyes. I cannot put the gym off again today, so I need a good rest and I will talk to you tomorrow. Night!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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