Day 178: Alarms

Hello wild ones! This is going to be a short and probably boring post. I’ve only been awake for a total of 8 hours and some change and already back in bed.

I decided to tag along on the river trip I was invited to for today, so I’ve got to get some good sleep. I have alarms set for 8 am, we’re supposed to leave my friends house at 10 am, so I need to leave my house no later than 9:30 to ensure I don’t hold up the trip.

The 8 hours I was awake today I cleaned my house! The living room and kitchen are nice and tidy, so that Monday night when I’m fighting to stay awake to get back in tune with my night shift schedule I can just deep clean my bedroom and work my way back through the house.

I also had dinner with M because I didn’t see her all week. We chatted over chips and queso until the mariachi arrived, we high tailed it out of there when he started singing.

Just got out of the shower where I spent what felt like a lifetime shaving. Seriously, I think I may be related to Chewbacca. It was worth it thoigh, now I’m all smooth and silky (thanks in part to my coconut goats milk lotion) and tucked into bed.

Speaking of bed, these sheets are not as great as I thought they were. Don’t get me wrong, they good sheets, just not up to snuff with my good sheets. I didn’t notice how rough they were until I put my face against them yesterday morning to sleep. It didn’t keep me from sleeping, but it did take a moment to get comfy just because my face is used to being greeted with an almost silk like fabric. Like I said before they will do until I can afford to get myself the sheets I dream about.

Okay kids, I’ve got to get to sleep. I’ll talk to you later!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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